Monday, 18 June 2012

Fixture Day

Woke up this morning with the same feeling I get on a morning of a game, a mix of excitement,butterflies and nerves, now as anyone who knows me the slightest will know it's not because the Euros. I've had this day circled in my diary for as long as I have known about it,yes it's fixtures day!

Here they are and it has reminded me what a damn difficult jump it is between league 1 and the Championship, in a good way (No Shrewsbury), but how ready we have  to be to make a good go at it and make sure we are at the very least middle of the table safe.

I'll be going to almost all home games as a ST holder so expect plenty of responses on here but also hope to go to a fair few away games, namely Brighton,Notts Forrest, Derby,Huddersfield, Barsley,Burnley (possible),Cardiff and perhaps a few more if I can afford to. I really feel it when the football season is over,it's like missing a best friend, the Euros are ok but honestly the only football I'm passionate about involves or influences Swfc. I appreciate good football and the drama but you will never find me with an England shirt on. Maybe it's because I grew up abroad and never really watched football with my family, maybe it's because I feel disconnected to the million pound players who care so little for their country (and clubs). Who knows but I do know that come the 13th (League cup) and the 18th I will be in my blue and white shirt as excited as a child on Christmas. Until then I have a life to plan as I promised so many people I would let them know if dates were ok come today.