Monday, 7 May 2012

The Downside of May 05th

Right now it feels that Saturday could not have been better if I had won the lottery (which I actually played as I felt that lucky). The feeling of being promoted at a full to the brim Hillsborough was indescribable but that is it,no more league games until August. I know August isn't that far away but come on, I suddenly have this huge gaping whole in my life. No more Saturday morning excitement, no more praise or grumble (that could be a good thing...),no more travelling to Sheffield and getting nervous and excited as we approach Hillsborough. Don't get me wrong I didn't want to extend our season with the playoffs,I will enjoy watching them but as much as I might want to I'll never be able to cheer on any other team.  Yes,I'll try and see the world and reclaim my Saturdays, I will be reminded by friends and family members who do not understand football about all the times I refused to do things or go places because "Wednesday are playing". I will remind myself of all the miserable Saturday and Tuesday evenings after we had lost and how much I cursed the affliction of being a Owl. You see the thing is,we love it,we love the inability to plan things on Saturday,we love the nerves,I even think we love moaning when we f*ck up. Us football fans are a bit like kids when the summer holidays come around,we're so excited at all this free time and all the plans we have, this lasts for all of about 3 weeks then reality hits us. The reality that the summer is long and we miss our friends (the players) and even miss the stuff we complained about. Then come August we cant wait to get back to Hillsborough ,then it gets cold,wet and we lose and we long for the happy days of close season.

I love the pre season build up, the names flying around and the signing of new and exciting players. However last years long,stretched preseason seemed to take it out of me. The constant rumours flying around with so little being finalised until basically the start of pre season.  Should Manderic or Jones be reading this (how bloody likely!) can I beg you to space out the signings so we have little nuggets of Swfc news to get our teeth into every week or so.

I'm off for a little bank holiday DIY, putting up a signed 2011/2012 Wednesday shirt,don't ask how I managed to get it,just say I owe a dog a HUGE thank you!


As those who know we may already know I love twitter and have an account @gweimo. However since I tweet about loads of topics there I thought it made sense to start one just for football/ Swfc. So from now on you can also find me at @blueanwhitegirl.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Someone Pinch Me!


Sorry,had to get out my system first,been chanting that almost continuously since the final whistle (not before,I'm superstitious and those singing it before were giving me a heart attack with nerves over it all going wrong-wawaw?). I apologise for not updating since the derby,life has been a tad difficult with family tragedy.

I wrote a blog about Dave Jones joining but it seems I forgot to press "publish",what a numpty I am at times. Anyway today is not for that, today is for savouring us Wednesday fans actually getting a bit of luck. I know,it's rare,so rare I almost forgot what it feels like for football to go our way but it has and we are now in the Championship and going in the right direction,what a feeling it is. To overcome the other side of the city (I hate the term pigs as I quite like pigs and don't like the blunts) being 5 points ahead of us with 2 games in hand is frankly,amazing. Dave Jones has worked miracles, do I think Megson would have done the same, how can I know? I do believe the derby win would have pushed him and the team on,I believe the signing of Michael Antonio was vital to our promotion and to our form. Since Ben Marshall had left we were seriously missing a second wide player and Prutton wasn't cutting the mustard. However all that is hypothetical,all we know is that Dave Jones came in (much to the concern of many-including myself) and has been superb.

I was at Hillsborough,after about 3 hours sleep (how can you sleep when you're so nervous),having planned to go to the final game (as always) since the fixtures came out we had the perfect seats, South Stand(north was full and being so full the south was surprisingly awake!) on the centre line 10 rows back, could not be better. We were in the seats by 2:25 as I was so nervous we would be late but to be honest being in the seats and ready to go made me feel even more nervous. I tried everything,reading the programme (which was brilliant-well done to those who made it!),listening to my mp3 player,counting the people in the north stand,watching the players warm up and just when I thought that the waiting would never end the clock turned 2:55 and we were all up and running.

We played well,no really! We were calm,in control,trying so hard but managing to remember how to play, I dont know what went right. Whatever it was can we please do it more often! No need to come back from behind or desperate defending as our goal is tested time and time again. I dont think I've felt as comfortable and relaxed at a game for a long,long time.

The only thing I was initially worried about was that we wouldn't score,we have recently been known to have lots of chances but not put many away and it seemed it would be the same yesterday. That was until the 26th minute when Nile Ranger set up Michael Antonio,beautiful! Antonio then looked to have re payed Ranger when a rebound off him allowed Ranger to tap in a goal that the linesman decided was offside (someone get him glasses) shortly before half time. Ranger did get his official goal on the 56th minute after being set up by Chris Lines. We bossed the game from start to end,Wycombe had no chance,they maybe had 5 minutes of any possession but even that was easily dealt with. Bywater made one save that I can remember and that he likely bothered to dive as he was feeling a bit cold.

If the team were good (and they were) the crowd was flipping amazing,37500 SWFC fans absolutely packing the beautiful Hillsborough,that is how she is meant to look. Relegated Wycombe brought just under 500 very loyal ( big respect to them and good luck) fans, around them were the only spare seats. 

Danny Batth Being Worshipped
If you want a laugh and who doesn't,you have to watch the smaller aka shit Sheffield team being mocked by the mighty Exeter . Nicked some pics from all over the place,took some myself but to be honest they're not as good as some on owlstalk and the like.

Finally,you have to watch this now, Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday as seen by the Wycombe Wanderers fans,I've seen it about 10 times today and it never,ever gets old and I cant see that it ever will.

WOW! Notice the spare seats-that's the Wycombe fans

This swells my heart with utter pride