Sunday, 19 February 2012

The First of the Two Derbys

Apologies for not getting this up yesterday but I've been ill. I thought I couldn't feel any worse but apparently I could and listening to (couldn't get tickets) SWFC play Chesterfield did exactly that. I dont like people who call Praise or Grumble and talk about a game they haven't been to so I will always warn when i'm talking about a game I have attended (or watched on TV). I did feel however that it was important to make a few points on yesterday. I'm going to start with the positives because to be honest if I spend any more times thinking about the negatives i'll go barmy.

1) We started well, we sounded really up for it (as we should be!) and according to Megson we had the best start to a game since Tranmere. Given that starting badly has been an issue for us I think this is a real positive.

2) JJ started well again and looked good. I have to say I am impressed at his turn around in form and keep believing it can't last. Long may he prove me wrong.

3)  Nice to see Ryan Lowe starting and he seemed to do well.

Now onto the negatives.

1) JJ getting injured, that has to be one of the most frustrating and gutting things to hear. Please be some master plan by Megson to fool the blades

2) John Bostock - Please send him back he is awful. We should have known this as Brenford cancelled his loan early. I know Megson thinks he can get performances out of lazy,couldn't give a shit players and I think with JJ he has but Bostock is something else. I would be very upset to see him play on Sunday (or at all really).

3) We didn't turn up in the second half. I don't know what goes through the players minds when they cant turn up for such an important game.

4) We lost,simple as that really.Maybe it was a soft penalty,maybe we should have had one earlier but we can't change anything and we threw away 3 points.

We maybe do need perspective and I imagine if the blunts weren't involved would we all be feeling so low. It's not unusual to have a wobble and really we have done well this season but I understand we need to get promoted and to have a wobble now is not good but I do believe we can get through it. The way we started on Saturday was a huge positive and made me believe that more than ever that we can get out of this slump. Yes I'm nervous as hell for next Sunday but I'm always nervous as hell for a derby,yes I would have felt better going in on the back on 4 wins not 4 losses but there's fuck all we can do about that now. All we can do as fans is support our team and manager,whether we feel like it or not. Hillsborough is amazing when it's rocking and no matter how cliched this is we really can be the 12th man. 

I'm off to play Football Manager, I do love it but have to restrict myself normally as I could lose weeks on it! At one point last year I was so addicted I burnt my other halves Birthday dinner as I was so lost in the game and didn't want to stop.

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