Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Night Before

So here we are, 14 hours until the Steel City Derby kicks off at Hillsborough. I've managed to stay relatively calm and relaxed,until about 10 mins ago, as family are visiting so I've been unable to listen to football heaven or peruse the Internet. As I repainted my nails blue and white and got rid of the red on my toe nails (superstitious or what!) I felt the start of that feeling that every football fan know,pre game jitters. A combination of excitment,nerves,anticipation,the chance of something amazing happening and the chance for it all to go horribly wrong. 
 There is nothing more I can say that hasn't been said 100000x. All I can do is hope that at 3pm tomorrow afternoon as I'm in the car driving back from Hillsborough I am happy,that I've seen a brilliant performance by us and that we've won. I hope I'll be hoarse from cheering and singing and exhausted from all the brilliant play I've seen. I know that's a lot to ask for but having put up with some shit performances this year I think it's time to see something amazing, optimistic,yes but who knows!

I shall write tomorrow pm.

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