Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Not a Good Evening..

My belief in the boys in blue and white has been shattered,yet again. Every time we lose (sometimes when we draw like with Huddersfield) I feel the same way. It starts with anger then comes the sinking feeling of despair that transitions into emptiness. Today the anger started at about 65 minutes,yes we could have easily gone on and won with 25 minutes left but I knew we wouldn't. It's horrible having such little faith in your team and no matter how much I try and believe that we will be OK,we'll get promoted, listening to us perform like we did today game after game is hard.

I was a rarity, a fan of James OConnor, don't get me wrong I certainly didn't think he was a fantastic footballer because he wasn't but he brought something special to the team,his enthusiasm. He would run around directing people,cheering the team up when they needed it and generally being a good senior player and working damn hard. I cant believe that after Gary Megson said he wanted him to stay and JOC said he wanted to stay that Paul Aldridge (the money guy) didn't even offer him a contract. He wasn't on a lot and most importantly the Gaffer said he wanted him to stay and to me that's enough. I really think we could do with someone like him now to focus the players and keep them going through a rough patch.

As for Ben Marshall, he was brilliant, everytime I saw him play I was impressed (bar his final game against Charlton) and we certainly miss him but he's at Leicester so we need a replacement. JJ has been brilliant and consistent (but how long that'll last is anyones guess) but we need another winger and so far Bostock has been useless.

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